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Video Production

We can add sign language to any video you have created, or we can create your video content for you. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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State of the art
Video Production

Making your videos Accessible!

DIS has Four (4) Fully Equipped, State-of-the-Art Video Production Studios for any entity (Private/Public/Local/State/Federal) wishing to put THEIR information into a Video format, making it ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant & Accessible to the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Communities. This can include Video Production, Voice Overs and Audio Files for: Training Materials/Videos, Marketing Videos, Public Service Announcements (PSA’s), Educational, State Departments of Education, Law Enforcement, Industrial, OSHA, Safety & Compliance/Regulatory and Emergency Management.

We also provide these studios to Professionals and Creative Arts Individuals for private usage, such as professional “Headshots”, Still Photos (with a variety of backdrops), Marketing, Filming Auditions, Rehearsals (all types), Dance Practice, Arts Shows/Displays, Social Media Videos, Educational Videos for Teachers, Meetings/Trainings (onsite and remote), Music Recordings, Music Videos, and so much more!

Come and Make It!

Video Production for Sign Language

Certified Interpreters:

  • American Sign Language Interpreters
  • Tri-Lingual Interpreters
  • Medical/Legal Interpreting
  • Certified Deaf Interpreter’s (CDI’s)/ Intermediaries
  • Deaf/Blind Interpreting
  • Oral Interpreters

Video Production Services

  • Video Production /Voice Overs / Audio Files
  • Marketing Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • PSA’s / Commercials
  • Photography / Photo Shoots
  • Film Auditions
  • Create Music Videos
  • Open/Closed Captioning: Post-Production

CALL TOLL FREE: (844) 545-2946
or locally
(210) 545-2946

Video Production

DIS Presents…

Split Rock Studios

High Quality ASL Video Production

We’ll add a State/Nationally Certified Interpreter to any video you have created. We can also create video content for you.

video production

Best ASL Video Production Services!

“Great services! Super-Great interpreters, friendly staff.
Always there when needed, especially when emergencies come up.”
Susan E.

“My life line for communication. They are ALL professional which I consider being blessed.”

“Has provided the best interpreting services they are the best!”

Danielle A.

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