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CART Services

DIS provides Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART) services for those who do not utilize Sign Language. CART works great for large events and one-on-one situations. We will work with you to determine which service best fits your needs.

Professional, Certified Interpreter Services, 24/7 Nationwide


Accessibility For All

CART means Communication Access Real-Time Translation

CART services translate voice-to-text, and can be utilized for meetings, conferences, classroom learning, interviews, civic events, and Judicial hearings. It is beneficial for those who are late deafened, deaf or hard-of-hearing but do not use sign language, have certain cognitive or learning impairments, or for large events to ensure everyone attending has access to the information and speaker(s).

Our CART writers, or transcribers as they are sometimes called, “caption the spoken word” at a rate of over 200 words per minute, with 98% accuracy. They all hold Professional Certifications in their field. 

CART Services

Certified Interpreters:

  • American Sign Language Interpreters
  • Tri-Lingual Interpreters
  • Medical/Legal Interpreting
  • Certified Deaf Interpreter’s (CDI’s)/ Intermediaries
  • Deaf/Blind Interpreting
  • Oral Interpreters

CART Services for:

  • Meetings, Trainings, Interviews, Conferences
  • Educational Settings, Seminars
  • Online / Virtual Events
  • Courtrooms, Mediations
  • Medical Appts., Telehealth, Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities
  • Places of Worship
  • Concerts, Theater, Sporting Events

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Great for Presentations

How Does CART Work?

CART writers use a stenotype machine, laptop computer, real-time software, and an audio feed. The text produced can be displayed in a variety of ways: On an individual’s computer/laptop monitor; projected onto a large screen (for meetings or conferences); or combined with a Video Presentation appearing as captions.

DIS provides CART services on a very regular basis for entities from large corporations to small businesses, and in a multitude of situations. Give us a call to see if CART services would be the right fit for you or your consumer(s).

Best CART Services!

“Great services! Super-Great interpreters, friendly staff.
Always there when needed, especially when emergencies come up.”
Susan E.

“My life line for communication. They are ALL professional which I consider being blessed.”

“Has provided the best interpreting services they are the best!”

Danielle A.

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