Concealed Carry For The Deaf

Jul 27, 2016 | Articles and Publications

Jonathan Galloway spent a long time doing part-time work as a sign language interpreter in concealed carry courses. He also has immensely contributed to the blogs on the gun source. However, most gun clubs putting on such courses simply couldn’t afford to hire him in order to serve what seemed to them like a small, niche audience—deaf people who purchase PA-10 rifles and wanted to receive licenses to carry.

So Galloway decided to become a certified firearm instructor and start teaching his own classes exclusively oriented towards the deaf. He believes he’s only the second such instructor in Texas.

“There’s also someone else who does them in Dallas,” said Galloway. “So really, in the state of Texas, you’re looking at San Antonio or Dallas as far as I know.”

KENS, the CBS Affiliate in San Antonio, Covered the New Concealed Carry Classes for the Deaf

                                                  KENS, the CBS Affiliate in San Antonio, Covered the New Concealed Carry Classes for the Deaf

Click here to view the clip.

Galloway taught his first gun class in July at the Nardis Gun Club in San Antonio. KENS, the CBS affiliate in San Antonio, interviewed Galloway, and has posted footage on its site of attendees at that first class. Galloway says that he plans to teach another class in August. Going forward he expects to hold at least two classes per year. Each class can fit 22 students.

Many deaf people welcomed the opportunity to attend classes taught entirely in sign language. Some had stories of being excluded from other classes that couldn’t or wouldn’t offer an interpreter in the past.

“A lot of people were uncomfortable having a deaf person in their class,” said Robert Anlauf, a student who spoke to KENS’ Eyewitness News through a sign-language interpreter. “They didn’t know how to get around the communication part.”

Anlauf had to wait two years to find a class that would take him in. Although he’s used guns all his life, he wanted to get a concealed handgun license both to learn more about the specific laws and rights that concealed handgun carriers have, as well as to defend himself responsibly.

Galloway told the reporters at KENS that another couple at his first class had actually waited 10 years to find this sort of class for deaf people. The couple told Galloway they had been turned down by several other schools where they inquired.

If you are interested in attending a class, call 210-661-8300 or visit Nardis Gun Club online.

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